for the purpose of managing an incoming or outgoing call call by using the matching observer (for exemple by using Erica Sadun's tuto), I would like to be able to catch such a notification from a background app.

Thus a few points I would like to discuss here :

  • As far as I have read, system notifications cannot be received by officially "backgrounded" applications (OS 4+ multitasking feature). Am I Wrong?

  • Although I am not able to test it yet on a jailbreaked iPhone, I was wondering if Backgrounder allows to do such. Do you know about it / did you try?

  • Provided backgrounder does not allow me to receive notifications from backgrounded apps... do you know of a way to catch system notifications with a background app?

  • And eventually : provided I manage to receive notifications from background apps, Is there a common way to put this app in foreground and - in case there is already a foreground app - switch with the current app?

Thanks a lot for paying attention on this, and for - provided you have - your answers.