Hello All

I have discovered a major security problem on Quickgold. If you have quickgold installed and you have enabled the Passcode lock from the setting of your iPhone there is a way to bypass the Passcode lock.

Just follow below and you will see the result.

1. Enable the Passcode lock from settings with required immediately.

2. Back to springboard and Click once to Home button in order to enable the quickgold.

3. Now click on sleep button on top of your iPhone.

4. Now click again to sleep or home button to bring the emergency call screen active.

5. Press on Emergency call.

6. Now you will see that the quickgold is active

7. Now search for the 3rd party application (Like BiteSMS etc and click to run)

8. Wait for the application to start.

9. Press Home button once.

10. What you see ? The whole springboard and now you can lunch any application from there.

I hope the developer must solve this issue urgently.