Hi, i have the following problem:

The vibrate/silent switch on my iphone is broken, and it's stuck on silent. However, i know that the speakers work as i can listen to the ringtones under 'settings'. So, i may not be able to switch on the ringing mode via HARDWARE, but in theory a simple program could bypass the switch and turn it on digitally.

Unfortunately, i am lacking the knowledge and ability of developing such a program, so i am kindly asking for your help here.

This seems to be a widespread problem btw. The first thing that usually breaks, after people bought the iphone, is this damned switch.

It is not an option for me to exchange, or get any sort of service from apple as i did not buy it off them. Anyway, i have no warranty for it.

Does anyone have an idea for a SOFTWARE solution for this problem?

There was such an app about a year ago. It was called "Silent Switch Bypass 1.0". Unfortunately, it was for 1.1.4. only and the source repo is gone now too. It would be enough to use that app and update it for 2.X already.. It doesn't have to die. I know a lot of people who have the same problem, and would kill for this fix..

If you don't have a clue, can you point me into a direction? Maybe a site where i can suggest apps?

Thank you in advance for your input