Here is the iodTouchFans post made by ipodtouchmaster. I am a beta tester of this app to let you know and it is pretty cool. Excellent GUI. I did encounter a minor bug that he said he shoudl have fixed with the next version 0.4b.

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Ok I have heard people making applications to lock your applications where you have to actually enter a password each time you open a "locked" app, and none have been released that were like this, There have been a couple that cripple your applications, but no full on password protected apps. So I have taken it to myself to develop this, I have been working on it for the last 5 hours and this is what I have so far. I also need someone to make me a Default.png and an icon.png I would be very greatful. So this application is made in objc and when you select to lock an application the next time you open that app then a screen will popup asking for your password and after you enter that in then it should restart the application and take you past that screen right to the app. Now this is still in the works and still needs a bit done but I have a lot done as well. Ill post some screenshots soon but its still early in developing.

EDIT: Thanks to launchd for the background and icon. For some reason screenshot isnt working on my iphone so I will manually take photos and upload them very soon.

EDIT 2: Ok I have uploaded some pictures of the application, please any suggestions that you have on the user interface or graphics wise are much appreciated, thanks!

UPDATE: Ok I have been hard at work with this application. I have a lot of nice UI modifications and what not. I am almost ready for beta testers. Right now it works when you lock and unlock any application through the so all i have to do now is get the app to be usable when you you unlock it from that application and not lockdown.

UPDATE 2: Wow had HUGE improvements today, it now works!! I am doing some touching up code on the app and then it should be ready for beta later today! I will make a post when it is ready for beta and then I will need 10 testers, do not ask me now as it is not quite ready, but look for that post soon!

UPDATE 3: ok its time for the semi-private beta! Basically the first 10 people to send me a pm will be in this beta. This is to work out some final bugs and get suggestions on User Interface and any other features. I have tested it many times with no problems so far, so I hope the same for you all.

And I think it is actually 3 Beta Testers now.

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