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Discuss Iphone development - how to at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; hi guys, i dont know if this topic should be posted here... remove or change ...
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    Default Iphone development - how to

    hi guys, i dont know if this topic should be posted here... remove or change if necesary...
    what i want to know is how to develop stuff for iphone... i know there are web apps.... for me those are just web pages
    is there a compiler or something to use for..... real apps? where should i get it?

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    On Mac OS X you can install the Devs Tools (Xcode) and add the toolchain from

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    Yes, "Web App" is a euphemism for web page.

    The compiler/builder/etc for native apps is called the iphone dev toolchain. Check the link that someone else provided...if you are on Windows, check the iPhone-dev wiki page specific for Windows installation.

    Native apps are generally in programmed in Objective C. Programs can incorporate Highly-Prejudicial C as well.

    iPhone/touch programs use a set of class libraries that are sometimes lumped together under the title "UIKit". UIKit is very similar to the class libraries used in programming Macs (AppKit, etc), and except for some changes here and there, books and documents on programming the Mac (Cocoa, etc) can generally be applied to the iPhone.

    Java programs may be up and running before too long, but these wouldn't be swing/awt based but rather based on UI classes specific for the iPhone/touch.



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