Does anyone know of a 3rd party app or if the iphone already allows downloading. What I mean is, are there any iphone apps or iphone features that would let me say browse to somewhere on the internet and click on a link to start a download of say, a .zip file or .jpg, or even a .mp3, .avi, .rar and save it to the 8gb of space it has free. What I want to be able todo is download zip or rar or any kind of file using my iphone, then when I come home later I can transfer the downloaded files from my iphone back to my pc? It would also be nice to be able to save images that you like say off a website your on. I want to be able to say click on a jpg file thats on a website and then save it to my phone, maybe even put it in my photos section so I can look at it with the rest of the photos I have on there, however more importantly I would rather be able to download a .zip or .rar file and have it save to my iphone for me to later transfer it to my pc. It would also be awesome if it could have a progress bar and maybe even a time left count down field, also a field showing how much has downloaded so far and how much is left, in megabytes or kilobytes or something.

Thanks for any help!