Hi! I've been activating/jailbreaking/unlocking iphones for 4 months already, my friends always ask me to help them out. Everything is good, but you know how annoying is the installing the bunch of same applications through installer every day (BSD, Summerboard, Books, WeDic, Dictionary, 5-6 games, etc). Is it possible to make a package, keep it on computer and just copy (or install) on new iphone without downloading each time?
I know you will say that I can use ibrickr but, when you install apps without using Installer, they do not appear in the Update or Uninstall in Installer. But I need them to. Because there is always a need to update or uninstall the programs.

Maybe I can install everything on one new iphone, after that, copy every single file to my computer using WinSCP and then after activating/jailbreaking another phone, just upload those files?

Please advice