Since I was using installer 4.0b4 an upgrade installer4.0b5 was out and it was buggy and crashing alot... so i did not upgrade to b5 and when b6 was out i upgraded from b4 to b6 after upgrading my installer is crashing... i used
chmod -R 777 blah blah command and restart iphone still crashing.
please help me how to fix installer or any good idea to run installer again ?

after that my second problem is that I was using Ilog 2.0 upgrade to 2.0.1
and it was running fine for 10 days after that i dont know why ilog is crashing
constantly.. i reinstall and uninstall and install again from different sources but
still crashing.. last time i installed IRealSms from cydia (i am not blaming the IRealSms developer just my idea) and ilog was not running.

Can anyone guide me how to fix my 2 native apps.