Can anyone help me configuring a wireless connection with a PC running on a XP?
My computer is connected to internet through a cable router. I also have a wireless card. So what I want to do is configure a wireless connection between my iPhone and the wireless card and than share the internet connection so I can access internet from my phone.
Is that possible?
So far I could establish a wireless connection but there is a problem. If I am in Wi-Fi menu I see the network, I connect to it, it says that I can not connect but the computer gives me an automatically assigned IP. If I exit the menu to do something else for example opening safari the connection is lost. I also tried to configure manually the IP,the subnet mask etc. from the phone and the same thing.
Can anyone help me please and exaplain to me step by step how to do this, even how to configure my wireless connection from my computer? I don't know what I do wrong.