Hi, I need to ask you guys something. I know nothing about programming and i'm really new to jailbraking (did my first jailbreak a few days ago) and i wanted to customize a theme. Currently I'm using a Leopard Theme that's great, and i'm also using Dockflow, but i wanted my lockscreen to look like the first one here: http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopi...d=16794932&p=1
I have already installed lockinfo but the lockscreen looks just like a normal non-jailbroken iphone, what I want is that cool slide to unlock thing and the grey bars between the information. I really don't know how to do it and i don't want to mess with my iphone's archives since i've already broken other phones because of doing that.
If you coul help me by MSN (don't know if you use that or other IM software) would be great, mine's is: felipedhpostigo@yahoo.es

Thank you so much.

Ps: Oh and btw i don't know how to get the weather to appear on the lock screen aswell.