So obviously I wouldn't be asking this if I were on the AT&T network, but I am not.

When I get voicemail, the red badge shows up but without how many messages there are. Been this way since 1.0.2

However, I DO get a text message with EVERY voicemail that tells me how many messages I have waiting. With all the great SMS apps out there as well as the great developers, has no one figured out a way to read these text messages and change the badge accordingly?

If not, does anyone have any hints or starting points for me so I can do it myself when I have some time?

Some specifics,
I'm on the ROGERS network in Canada, I get both a voicemail bubble AND a SMS text message that says:

Voicemail 2 New 0 Urgent

It didn't always use to say Unknown...the sender had some other code that showed before 1.1.4