Hello everyone! It's 100% free and legit Application.
FreeAppSlots is an app where you can Win gift cards for Amazon or itunes as well you can win an ipod touch ipad mini or the new ipad!
All you need to do is write my invite URL in your IOS device in safari browser:
bit.ly/UR225v --Must have a upper and lowercase letters.
All you have to do now it's spin and earn credits!
When you enter FreeAppSlots with a invite URL you'll get 5 additional spins every app you'll download ... Probably they will fix it soon...
what does it mean.... so when you go to the section "Get More Spins" you'll see that for each app you can get as many spins as it shows....so, if you'll join the app with my invite URL for every app you'll get 5 more spins plus the shown spins...! If you'll decide to enter the original site without my invite URL you'll lose the bonus....it's your decision! Enjoy! Thanks to FreeAppSlots ! And have fun spending credits!

FreeAppSlots - Spin And Win Prizes! (ipod\iphone\ipad) - YouTube