I'm currently building a tool - daemon that will dynamically edit springboard settings depending on what you have loaded on your phone.For that reason im using plutil from Erica's ported utilities to edit ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.springboard.plist.The main problem lies that no matter what modification I do in that file in order for it to work it needs a springboard restart.

To test it try altering any value with SSH and you will see that even though it shows it changed it will still do what the initial value does till the time you respring.Use autolock time or dim time for easy testing.

Since the prefferences.app manages to load any change on the fly without the need for restart im currenlty in dire need on any idea of how can this be achieved

I do suspect those entries from my launchctl list but with no luck so far

com.apple.launchd.readconfig no idea where its loading from.
com.apple.update loading from com.apple.update.plist
com.apple.configd loading from com.apple.configd.plist

Any idea is greatly appreciated....