<canvas> isn't that fast. Consider the resource utilization of http://canvex.lazyilluminati.com/83/play.xhtml and then note that this on the complexity level of Wolfenstein 3d, something that ran on a 80286. It's making my text box lag even.

I hope JS was compiled, but it seems slow enough for me believe it isn't doing that. Safari and Camino appear to cache the text file but no object files. Or at least I couldn't find any object files.

Yes, plists can be XML. But you're probably also aware of the numerous binary plists that are strewn over the OS since the 10.3 days. I'm not worried about the short Info.plist ones. I'm talking about..... well... anything larger.

As an example, many of Apple's nibs exclude classes.nib. Why? It's just used by IB to make editing easier. All the real content for runtime is in the binary keyedobjects.nib file.

.015 seconds huh? Sounds like your working set was small enough to get completely cached into memory as you're already to the point where your disk's seek speed can affect your benchmark results significantly. Well then, might I ask you to time it on an iphone?

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I'm on it!

<canvas> tag does the trick. Has lots of Quartz-like drawing commands and surprisingly fast.

I don't think that's how it works. I think Javascript is only interpreted the first time it's loaded. The browser compiles it and uses the compiled code after that, so the only real hit is at load time. I havent acheived the guru level with WebKit but it may even cache compiled javascripts only reparsing the source if it spots a change. Not sure on that one though

Plists are XML files and the iPhone handles those just fine. Besides, parsing can be made extremely fast. For example, I wasn't satisfied with the output from headerdoc documentation generator, so wrote my own and was stunned to see it find source files, read them, parse, extract, resolve dependencies, factor strings for localization, generate multiple language folders etc. from approx 20 source files in .015 seconds. Granted, I'm running a fast machine (2.16 GHZ core duo) but even if it's 100 times slower on the iPhone's ARM processor, that's less than a second to parse 20 large text files.

Anyway, looks like I've veered way off into the weeds here

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