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Discuss Connection Sharing from iPhone, not Tinyproxy? at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; Hi everyone, I'm considering getting rid of my dedicated 3G data card from my ISP ...
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    Question Connection Sharing from iPhone, not Tinyproxy?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm considering getting rid of my dedicated 3G data card from my ISP and going ahead and getting a upgraded data package from my mobile provider, then using my iPhone for connecting it to my MacBook when I'm on the road.

    I know it's possible to share the connection from the iPhone using an ad-hoc wifi network and as well as using tinyproxy, however I was hoping for a bit more than that.

    I want some sort of real connection sharing, to where the phone acts more like a gateway or a router in a sense, I'd like to be able to use IRC/IM/Mail etc from my MacBook over my iPhone's connection and as well as connect to my corporate VPN over it as well.

    Is there a solution for this yet? Is it something that I'd have to look into hacking together myself or has anyone already figured this out?


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    hi Ra'jel,

    at the first time you can use "srelay". This is a socks Proxy. It is working for my Mail, Web and IM.

    srelay is packet in "BSD Subsystem". you can find it under "/usr/sbin/srelay".

    open a Terminal on your iphone and start this program. only typing "/usr/sbin/srelay". you can check with "ps aux" if srelay is runing.

    now on your MacBook make a new network. go to your airpot tcp/ip configuration. only enter IP-Address and Netmask. No Gateway and no DNS-Server. Now go to your Airport proxies configuration and activate "SOCKS Proxy" and enter the iPhone IP-Address and Port "1080". Now Save your configuration.

    Try with Safari if the link is working.
    I use Adium for IM. There you can also setup a SOCKS Proxy for your accounts.

    If you want to stay online, you must install the "John Tool", which disables the Powermanagement Functions of Summerboard, so the Network Connections stay alive.

    Hope this helps you.




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