Hi all,

Some non English Summerboard users have problems with themes Icons because have different names in their Languages. Then the themes only displays correctly some icons that have the same name in English and in their language.

Would be great if a programer makes a little app to translate this icons.

For example, Im spanish and I have my Iphone translated. Every time I Change the Summerboard theme I have to rename 11 png's on the new theme folder:

Text - Mensajes
Calendar -Calendario
Photos - Fotos
Camera - Cámara
Stocks - Bolsa
Weather - Tiempo
Clock - Reloj
Calculator - Calcul.
Notes - Notas
Settings - Ajustes
Phone - Teléfono

I need some kind of app that can scan the Summerboard themes folders and change the Icons names.

Hope somebody could help.