I have been using iphone 8G 1.1.4 activated by ziphone2.5
Using 'Categories' I left only one icon(named 'desktop') on the springboard and put all the other icons into the desktop icon including 'installer'. Today, I forgot what I did(shoot!) while playing with 'categories' but the desktop icon disappeared, which means that i couldn't do anything.

So, I did jailbreaking again using ziphone 2.5 and could see installer icon again on the springboard. After installing 'categories' again, even though I couldn't see any other icons on the springboard, I could see the icons once I made any folder and tried to add icons using 'categories'.

Now, if I install any application, I can see the icon on the springboard. Then if I move the icon to any specific folder using 'categories', I can see the icon on both the springboard and the subfolder. If I uninstall the app, the icon on the springboard was deleted and the icon on the subfolder lost png file and had '?' image.

I think there is something wrong but I don't know why.

I don't want to reuse 'ziphone' fully. Is there any way I can fix these problems

Thank you in advance~