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Discuss carrier Logo in iphone at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; hi, there i want to put logo on my iPhone, i tried downloading the software ...
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    Cool carrier Logo in iphone (Messed Up)

    hi, there i want to put logo on my iPhone,
    i tried downloading the software from this guide:

    but don't know what to do, with the downloaded file, it asks to overwrite the existing springboard app, but i want to copy the default one first to my PC, but ibrickr won't letme do that, also how to set logo !
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    and how to put thepermissions, also could you tell me, i have a jpeg file, do i nedd to change that to png first and also correct it's size, or iphone will automatically change thesize of teh png image ! also after i upload this new summerboard app, will it automatically ask for the permissions (0755) or is there any other way

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    I think i have messed up the things completely !
    I will yell you what i have done:
    1. Downloaded the 1.1.1 springboard file from (
    2. used i brickr, and when at:/System/Library/CoreServices/
    3. i see, but the file i got was only springboard
    4. so i renamed it to .app
    5. uploaded it to:/System/Library/CoreServices (don't know what setting the permission is all about, so the permissions aren't set as of now)
    6. now i see in ibrickr, clicking it, it shows diff png files like dafault carrier logo's for att, cingular, vodafone , battery, airport, activate, airplane etc...

    when i tried to rename a png i had to DEFAULT_CARRIER ATT, and uploaded it to folder, nothing happened, i.e. the logo didn't appear

    then after 2-3 days i download customize, whe i start using it, there's a menu in frontof me, when i click carrier image, i see my PNG (named default_carrier_ATT.png) , when i select it, it asks me set as carrier logo, i press OK, then home buton, then itsoft restarts, but nothing happens, i.e. no logo change, same INA Airtel is written.

    Now , i have come to know that there's a springboard file, in folder, but what i did was renaming thefile to .app and then uploading it where folder was located (are you getting what I'm saying)

    I don't know what i have done !

    Kindly help



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