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    Default [Beta 0.1 - Release] Free Notifications For Every Application

    # Updated Post at: June/14/2011

    Hi again,

    watching the impressive improvement of Notification Center in iOS 5, I'm gonna wait until release of it, to release a final working release of Notification manager for jailbreaked apps, in order to add them to the iOS notification center.

    This is not an end point, it's just an integration in iOS5.

    # Updated Post at: June/13/2011


    here it is the Notifications SDK v0.1 for Developers: SDK

    In the package you will find:

    1) the project for XCode.
    2) libNotification.a
    3) WZNotification.h

    When you open and build the XCode project, you will find a build error if you do not place the lib and .h properly. For example, I have bild with SDK 3.0. So I had have to put lib and .h here:

    cp WZNotification.h /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS3.0.sdk/usr/include/WZNotification.h
    cp libNotification.a /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS3.0.sdk/usr/lib/libNotification.a

    So if you want to build NotTest for other SDk, just copy both files to its proper SDK path.

    Post any question you have, I'll answer them gladly

    Twitter: iWazowski
    facebook: iWazowski
    facebook: Notifications

    #Original Post at: June/10/2011


    I'm sharing a working Beta version of my concept of Notifications for Jailbreaked applications.

    The package I'm sharing contents are:

    1) wzNotifications.dylib: iOS Tweak. This is the Notifications manager for Springboard. It adds the notification received to springboard view.

    2) libNotification.a/WZNotification.h: These files are the library to use in the applications in order to manage the notifications. At this moment the lib only has two functions. Check out the SDK Beta0.1 to see how it works.

    3) wzNotifications: Directory that contents some files for the dinamic lib. Here it is where the notifications history are saved.

    4) Application manager for notifications and preferences. It can Enable/Disable application notifications.

    5) This is an example for everyone that wants to test the notification service. You are free to use it in every iPhone you want.

    6) Script to install the package in the iPhone. You have to edit it to change ip address of your iphone ssh connection. Otherwise, open it and have a look where you have to install the files through any other method you want to use.

    Download link:

    First steps: How does the example works.

    First let's test the NotTest application (I'm just noticing that there are too many words with "est" termination , sorry)

    Once the apps and files are installed after running the script you will see something like this:

    You will only see in the springboard the and the Notifications manager. As you can see, or may not, I'm using an iPhone 2G with Os 3.0, ok?

    If you open you will see something like this:

    As you can see there are no pending notifications of the applications which are enabled to receive them. If we change the notification swith to "off", you will not receive the notifications of that app. Easy, isn't it?

    And if we open the we will see a fool app doing nothing, it is just a demo, ok? But the most interesting thing will come a little later. Well, if we open it we will see something like this:

    Ok, now you can exit from both apps.

    Lets send a notification to the iphone. We need the UDID of the iPhone you want to receive the notification. Once you get it, in a internet browser like safari, mozilla or even ie, paste the following address: 10:36:50

    Remember: Change UDID for your iPhone UDID, that's the way Notification service can send the notification to your device.

    If everything was right, in the browser you will see a message like:

    "Notification sended! 2011-04-19 10:36:50"

    And after a while if everything is fine you will see in your iphone something like this:

    Well, at this moment we can choose two things, first is dismiss the notification pressing on "x" right button, don't worry about it, becasuse we can access the notification from the notifiction manager in a while. We will not loose it until we delete it from the manager, ok?

    second option is that you can slide de icon to view the notification in the target app. If we make this in the start up of NotTest we will see:

    Remember, NotTest is an example app, it does nothing interesting, just show in an alert the received data. Developer will use this information to load or warn user to do or read anything developer wants at that moment.

    Ok, but if have dismissed the notification pressing in the "x" button, we can access it with the Notifications manager, launching it we will see:

    well at this moment I have not implemented the target application launcher, so Accesory button does nothing.

    Just we can delete the notifications sliding the finger to the right over the notification we want to delete.

    Now I have wrote a lot of information, and I think everything is posted, but I'm sure that can be some doubts. Feel free to make any comment. IŽll try to fix anything wrong in next releases.

    Next week I'll upload the SDK to implement Notifications to every application, ok?

    You can contact me at:
    Twitter: iWazowski
    facebook: iWazowski
    facebook: Notifications

    I'm gonna share just the email, because I don't know if administrators allow me to put my web information, and other apps in order to other developers could see I'm serious developer.

    At this moment I have 2 AppStore apps and 4 Cydia apps, and more to come.

    Hope you find this tool usefull, remember, if you are a developer, you can keep you users warned of news and updates of your apps FOR FREE!

    Thank you very much.

    Last edited by wazowski; 06-14-2011 at 09:50 AM.



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