Hi - i recently had to iLiberty restore 1.1.4, installer 3.11, but for some reason apptapp official source won't refresh, i get "refresh failed" and some package won't download, "download failed" - some packages DO download without a prob tho - anyone else having any issues like this? anyone have any ideas what the prob may be? pls help, this is driving me nuts - thanks (btw, i have done the ssh fix on installer files for this, but i'm still having the issue) - when i click on the source and press "refresh now" i get "refresh failed", but i do NOT get this msg when i refresh all simultaneously - i successfully added NEW sources that DID refresh properly... i know that community sources is up to at least 3.84, but i'm on 3.7 and it ISN'T showing any updates...? thanks (and if you have the zip or installation package for summerboard 3.2 for manual install, that would be great also - thanks)