Hey people,

I understand that for FW 1.1.1, AppTapp needs to be installed manually and then updated (correct me if I am wrong), and in order to do this, since NullRiver makes it an automated process through AppTappInstaller.exe, you need to extract the Installer.app from AppTappInstaller.exe using 7-Zip (again, correct me if I am wrong, but I remember reading this somewhere on the hackint0sh forums. I used juanpa's REALLY ULTIMATE GUIDE to unlock and activate FW 1.1.1, and the installer.app currently in my phone doesn't update. (They give an error saying Package size mismatch)

Is it possible for someone to do this extracting and host the file so it'll be easier for people to get Installer.app onto their FW 1.1.1 phones with as little hassle as possible since NullRiver doesn't do this? Or am I wrong in assuming that as of currently, AppTapp doesn't work for 1.1.1? I am confused, if that's the case.

Thanks in advance, for any help here.