I'm trying to gain access to the iPhone's camera as described here, but I can't find the CameraController.Framework - not in the iphone-filesystem I got as described here, and not on my iPhone.

The frameworks I found are:
AVFoundation.framework/ AudioUnit.framework/ CoreGraphics.framework/ MediaPlayer.framework/ Security.framework/
AddressBook.framework/ CFNetwork.framework/ CoreLocation.framework/ OpenAL.framework/ System.framework/
AddressBookUI.framework/ CoreAudio.framework/ Foundation.framework/ OpenGLES.framework/ SystemConfiguration.framework/
AudioToolbox.framework/ CoreFoundation.framework/ IOKit.framework/ QuartzCore.framework/ UIKit.framework/

My guess is that the PhotoLibrary was moved on 2.2 SDK...

Does anyone know how can I access the camera, or where can I find the suitable framework?

Asaf Pinhassi.