I am able to bring up the picker but I have yet to figure out how to get it to display email and phone numbers for the contacts.

Here's my code

- (void) pickPerson
    struct CGRect screenRect = [UIHardware fullScreenApplicationContentRect];
    screenRect.origin.x = screenRect.origin.y = 0.0f;

	ABPeoplePicker* picker = [[ABPeoplePicker alloc] initWithFrame: screenRect];
	[picker setAllowsCancel: YES];
	[picker setPrompt: @"Select a recipient"];
	[picker setAllowsCancel: YES];
	CFStringRef properties[] = { CFSTR( "kABEmailProperty" ), CFSTR( "kABPhoneProperty" ) };
	CFArrayRef array = CFArrayCreate( NULL, ( const void ** )properties, 2, nil );

	[picker setDisplayedProperties: array];
	[m_mainView addSubview: picker];

I know I do not have the right values for the properties. Any suggestions on how to get email and phone number properties to show up?