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Discuss [2.0][Problem]MobilePhone-subApps crash sometimes at the Free Toolchain Software (Cydia App's) -; Hi Sometimes "subApps" of the MobilePhone-App crash.: clicking on the Phone-Icon-> OK clicking on another ...
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    Default [2.0][Problem]MobilePhone-subApps crash sometimes


    Sometimes "subApps" of the MobilePhone-App crash.:
    clicking on the Phone-Icon-> OK
    clicking on another subIcon (e.g.favourits, dialer-Field, voicemail)-> crash
    after a few crashes ... crashes even when clicking on Phone-Icon (without further click) after a few seconds

    once such a crash appeared, it will appear always until resetting the Network-Prefs, which will "normalize" the behaviour.
    without network-reset(), making phone calls is no more possible, receiving phone-calls may work, but it's not possible to finish a phone-call without completly switching-off the device!

    I recognized that first after installation og BigBoss' "BossPrefs" and "FlashLight" ... and i am still not sure who or what is the "causer" for this crashes.

    Ialso "reinstalled" with "iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw" more than once, the last time NOT using "data-backup" from iTunes but configiguring all new.

    starting the app over secure-shell did not really enlight the situation,
    also, because i have no idea, whether it is possible to start what i call "subApps" from the shell, anyway:
    chm-s-iPhone-newConf-2008-08-01:~ root# cd /Applications/
    chm-s-iPhone-newConf-2008-08-01:/Applications/ root# ./MobilePhone 
    Couldn't register with the bootstrap server. Error: unknown error code.
    This generally means that another instance of this process was already running or is hung in the debugger.Abort trap
    chm-s-iPhone-newConf-2008-08-01:/Applications/ root# 
    i assume, that MobilePhone-App gets started automatically when the phone is started (and the pin entered), hence it cannot be called from ssh again ... but i'm not sure about that.

    if somebody has the Trick or a hotFix, please let me know.
    and i also would be interested, whether i am the only one with this issue.

    Thanks in advance,

    purplera1ned but not ultraSn0wed 3Gs (32GB) iфone | quickpwned, formerly turboSimed' 2G (8GB) iфone

    carrier: swisscom

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    I have the same problem with some apps, for example todo list and iMemory, they crash when started. I've had the problem for some time but haven't worked on it because all necessary apps work fine. I would appreciate if somebody more familiar with iPhone software would take a closer look at this!



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