Voicemail sms text msg Notification no longer working v1.1.4


I used to get a sms text msg with"you have new voice mail" this has since stopped working and i get an envelope icon on the top right corner. i did have Taskbar Notifier installed but found it a pain as this shows TWO envelope icons that would never clear.

I have since uninstalled Taskbar Notifier but everytime i get a voicemail i get a red envelope in the same right corner even thou i check my voicemail the envelope icon will not clear.

I prefer to get the sms notification saying "you have new voicemail" is there anyway i can get this working again.

Please note i ve uninstalled Taskbar Notifier/ reset iphone etc. Do i need to ssh and delete other files?? I have had look on fourms but could not find the anwser.

Many Thanks