Hi everyone!

We are very happy to introduce the new downloads section on the forum. We hope to be able to build a resource for everyone here by providing all the stuff what gets lost of the time in a big resource here. Everyone is welcomed to contribute Hackint0sh/OSX86 or iPhone related files here. There is just one rule, your files must not infridge anyones copyright. So please don't upload stuff what is not legal (no warez, noc custom ipsw, parts of firmware files). We are checking every upload for the users safety.

What we are looking for:

- custom Hackint0sh/OSX86 kexts
- Bootloader & Utilites
- Useful Utilities for iPhone (Freeware/GPL)
- everyhting which might be useful and should be hosted here

Every user is welcome to contribute. The max upload limit is around 10mb, for larger files, please upload them somehwere and send a mail to support@hackint0sh.org, so we can add it to the section manualy. We will add a list of top contributers soon, everyone with more than 15 contributed files will be awarded supported status as a little thank you.

Thanks for keeping this community alive and kickin!

- sam