Some recent sent PM to serval users by turkish script kiddies bots were asking users for their passwords. Please be aware that nothing here beside the known login box is asking you for your password. If you see popup dialogs or something (especially these made by browser), click them away, they are made to trick you into entering your password and steal your account + data in hope you used the same password multiple times.

Some hints for security:

- we store passwords encrypted and have secured servers but better use different passwords for all your accounts i.e. for your email, you never know

- feel free to use a freemail or crap email for your account, we are not interessed in collecting such things and we don't send newsletters or something, just needed system notices and in worst case a happy birthday mail

- we never ask for passwords in emails or something

- don't enter your password in any popup box or external site asking you for it, passwords are only used here and passwords are only used there, nowhere else