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Discuss 411 Hackint0sh at the Forum News and Events. -; Hey members. For the past few days we have been trying new things around here. ...
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    Hey members.

    For the past few days we have been trying new things around here. The new title policy and new sections that you have seen has been a swap. We have also added a "3-post=1 thread" policy where you need to post 3 times to be able to make a new thread. This controls spam and forces the user to get to know hackint0sh a bit. 3 is a trial.

    In regards to the title policy:
    First let's talk about the [ ]. A lot of users would post the following in an iPhone Unlocking section [iphone pwnage] error with xxx. or [iphone] error with xxx or just [unlocking]...the [x] got redundant. Users would just put something in the [x] to be able to conform to the policy. So what happened was the following, new sections were created that represent what should be in the [x] in the first place, and a vote was taken on the title policy. While it was suppose to be a test till Friday to see how it goes, it rather went haywire when Xianli( who wanted me to name him) started complaining about the lack thereof and other issues associated with it. We, today, then made the 3 post=1 thread policy (above) in hopes that users would know where to search and where to read. Yes, new users get errors and different messages than 3+ users. We thought about making it 5, but that would drastically change the user-base and segment the "market" even further. As I stated, the 3 posts is a test as well. Our hopes with the new sections is that, while we are trying to move away from the redundant [ ], we arent trying to move away from stupid titles. Mods still know that tiles like this are not needed and should be taken care of, whether through changing it around or deleting it. We still have a title policy: let the title portray what youre thread is about. I mean we are all here to help, no one is forcing you to do anything except make our lives easier when we help you. When I say our, i mean whoever is helping the person. Unfortunately, we had more complaints, and people dropping out than we did of people approving the "old-bracket" title policy. We are just trying to get ride of the [x]

    Thank you for your patience with this..
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