Selling the Chinese Stealthsim 4th generation cards which supports many 3g sim cards/vodaphones etc to unlock 1.1.2 iphones except UK iphones.

Have sold plenty of these to Singapore, Hong Kong & China.

Selling in batches of minimum 2pcs each time to make shipping cost more economical.

2Pcs of these Chinese Stealthsim will costs USD$120. Payment by Paypal currently.

Shipping will be USD$20 to most countries, however please advice country to ship to in order for me to confirm the shipping cost.

Pictures of these cards, nuff said.

Brief instruction before using this Chinese Stealthsim

1) Downgrade iPhone's firmware to ver 1.1.1
2) Use the *#307# method to get into ur phone's contact list
3) Setup ur wifi and add the jailbreakme url to a newly created contact
4) Install AppTapp via the
5) Phone reboot after installation and jailbreaked automatically
6) Install OktoPrep from the installer app
7) Update ur firmware to v1.1.2 using iTunes
8) Use Jailbreak 1.1.2 to reactivate and jailbreak ur phone again
9) Install iWorld from installer app
10) Prepare ur sim and slide both the stealthsim+ur sim into ur iphone
11) Run iWorld
12) Phone reboot and u are done

Payment procedures:

1) PM me the amount of cards you want (2 cards cost USD$120 w/o shipping) with your full name, address & contact number for courier purposes.
2) I will revert with my paypal details & upon receipt of your payment via paypal.
3) Cards will be sent out within 12hours and i will revert with the tracking number to you.
4) Cards will be sent by EMS China courier services, however if you opt to have DHL or other shipping, you will bear the extra charges.

As mentioned, i have sold plenty of these cards in Singapore. Reference can be made there if doubtful.

Thanks for viewing.