Since my third iPhone has more defects than I expected, I now sell the individual parts to the purchase price to get back here. Do not be surprised because the so-cheap prices, but I would like the pieces sold quickly. Oh, and please no nonsense posts, such as "what should be the iPhone with the camera," or "The price is too high," if you garkein interested in the parts. Prices are negotiable. Ill ship to every country. Well, the parts are in germany so if you are in germany you can visit me or as I just said, ill ship the parts with dhl, ups, what ever you want. If you have questions, please feel free and ask me through pm, email or this forum. Thanks and best regards.

1. iPhone camera

Fully functional, 2 megapixels. Incl. Cable / connector 30 (bargain)

2. iPhone Logic Board 4GB

Fully functional, installed Firmware: 1.1.1

150 (bargain!)

3. iPhone Communication Board, including battery

The battery is still very good (iPhone was bought at the end of October 2007, was then langezeit unused).

The Communication Board is without Baseband (= modem firmware) bootloader is 3.9_M3S2 version. It is also a software Unlock possible, it should someone create a base band on the CommBoard. Clean technology is the hardware CommBoard fully functional. There is just no software on it (was with iEraser deleted) and me, it is not managed to recover this. 150 (bargain!) .

4. iPhone Antenna Cover (Status: Not so well...)


The cover is not as a result of me directed, but by the previous owner. (The iPhone has been purchased on eBay) 15