Hey there buddies, as many of you know, I bought a NEXT SIM II off eBay for 56$US delivery included. I was VERY HAPPY when I received the sim card solution because it was not one of the shit clones that my friends have, but a REAL, HIGH-QUALITY Next Sim II for a FRACTION of the price of a over-rated STEALTH (shit) or Turbo (poop).The guy was VERY nice and I talked to him about a few forum members who pm'd me looking for a cheap and DEPENDABLE supplier.

I found our man fellas!

He wants 45$US per Next Sim with a reasonable 20$US for EXPRESS delivery.

PM ME and I will link you two up, I do not make a profit from this, I am just helping out 2 people at once; the forum members who ask me for my supplier, and the nice guy from HK who went out of his way to make my purchase a satisfying one.

You won't regret it!