Been trying to sell my iPhone 8Gbs. It's currently got 1.1.4 loaded, but I can revert it to 1.1.3, unlocked/jailbroken of course. It's in practically new condition, no dents/scratches. It's been kept in great condition. The only thing is that the earphones lost their grey rubber band around the earpieces, but they work great, as does everything else.

I have all original packaging and accessries which will be included, including the box and all, minus the plastic wrapping obviously.
I don't mind shipping internationally.

I'm looking for any offer above 400$ + shipping, if you tell me what shipment type you want, I can get you a quote on exactly how much the shipping will cost.

If intereted, PM me your offer, and we can then set up a fast eBay listing and do the transaction there that way we're both covered from any possible accidents.