Hi all

Im thinking about selling my iPhone 8GB. Truth is I would rather have a new nano and my small Samnsung P300.

Anyway I ordered it from America costing me 450 in all, but obviously the price has dropped now. I have also paid for the iPhonesimFree unlock, so you would be covered if they update their unlocking method.

I have had it working on O2 in the UK. Everything works fine and I have had no problems with it. Its been hardly used as I dont like carrying it around. Its just too big for me.

Im thinking 330 inc P&P if anyone is interested. Remember the Apple US price doesnt include sales tax and the import Tax to the UK (which I paid). Cash by paypal or bank transfer.

If you are able the phone still has the $100 rebate not claimed on it as well. Guess you would need an American friend for that one...