I'm not going to sit here and say that this is needed to unlock the iPhone 1.1.2., I bought these when I was unlocking 1.1.2., and then they came out with the software unlock. These are the good ones, their made out of metal, I pd 105.00 a piece, but I will make a sacrifice and sell them for:

What you do is cut your 2 sims and put them in the HyperCard, and then put it in your phone. When you insert it you will have the option to choose which sim you want. Great for combining work phones, and also for int. users will SAVE you money on roaming charges.

50.00 every add. one.

Post a reply or PM if interested, or you can even email me direct at fellaroy@yahoo.com

I do provide Int. Shipping.

Google Checkout, Escrow, Wire, Money Order(not wire).

Im located in the USA.