FS: 30 8GB Iphone & 15 16GB ipod touch

I am getting a shipment of 50 8Gb iphone and 15 16Gb ipod touch sometimes this weeek ( around thursday or friday )
I am not sure if Im gonna get the 1.0.2 version of the new 1.1.1 version on the iphones.
These phones are not unlocked, I will not unlock it for you, I prefer to sell them BRAND NEW IN BOX.

Here is price:
Take all $330 shipped within US
10-15 $350 shipped within US

Ipod touch:
Take all $325 shipped within US

I can ship international
International i ONLY ACCEPT Wire transfer

I prefer to sell to US
within US I can take wires transfer, money order, cashier check or personal check
OR you can fly and buy. If pick up in person please have cash ready.
Pick up: Raleigh, NC
I will not take PAYPAL as the moment as I am having some issue with them. ( they will hold your money if you sell too much iphone because it is a high risk product which is ridiculous )

My next shipment ( which is in about 2 weeks ) is 100 iphones, so you can also pre order...

I would PREFER local sell ( or fly and buy ) so you can check the products.
email: XtremeDealzUSA@yahoo.com

Any question or concern please email me, I will only give out phone number if it is a legit buyer.