Hi All,

I am a long time lurker and a first time poster on Hackintosh.

Basically just looking to make some spare cash to get through Uni. I have sold iPhones locally - but would now like to expand a bit more.

So here is the deal:

To clarify a few things so neither you nor me gets scammed!

Payment will be Paypal Only! Phones will not be shipped to a PO BOX Address. Phones will only be shipped to PAYPAL VERIFIED Sellers. Phones will not be shipped to NIGERIA.

Shipping will be as per your preference either DHL or FEDEX - both can be tracked online.

I will ship in lots of 5 MAX (unless the seller is willing to take the chance with their Customs). I will not be liable for any additional charges that your country charges in terms of TAX/DUTIES.

PRICES are not negotiable even if you make me an offer of 1000 phones. As mentioned I am looking at earning money on the side without any MAJOR HASSLES.

I will not make any MARKUPs on the Shipping costs.

Qty - 1 x 16GB iPhone = $650USD + Shipping
Qty - >=2 x 16GB iPhones = $620USD + Shipping

If you are interested add me to MSN: m0dded [a] hotmail.com

No TIME WASTERS PLS. I will check on here on a daily basis but faster communication can be made via MSN. DO NOT EMAIL ME as it might get missed as SPAM.

I will donate to Hackintosh after the first sale is complete.