Hello there, you probably know that I recently bought a few cheap & effective Next Sim 2 from eBay for a fraction of what a Stealth of Turbo cost... and let me tell you.. I am glad I got the Next Sim 2! It is very thin, works very good and you don't have to butcher your card!

I told him of this forum, where the original Dev Team created the software unlock and he was in disbelief (until reading a few posts). I also told him of all the friendly forum members who want to use a sim solution but don't want to shell out 100$-120$US or so and he agreed with me.

I am good friends with the seller from Hong Kong now and I persuaded him to give any members of Hackint0sh a special deal! (NO LIE! ) Just PM ME with your contact details and I will pass them on to my friend.

You will quickly see how many satisfied purchasers will fill up this thread!

PRICE? --> ONLY 50$US/unit + delivery, HALF the cost of a Stealth

I've already bought 1 unit but am thinking of buying 10 for 450$US+delivery!


I don't intend to scam anyone so please offer me the same respect.