Hi All,

I would like to get a very simple application developed for the iPhone that will integrate with a web service that monitors web sites (check they are online) - it would have these features:

a) Icon for main iPhone dashboard to launch app
b) Splash screen with username/password entry for service
c) Status listing (main function) would show list of web sites and green icon for online and red for offline.
d) Check service url (send user/pass) every 10 minutes for update from web site- if any are listed offline the application will show a notification on screen.
e) Ability to run in background

The application itself will not 'check the websites' listed, it will communicate with one site, the service, to receive the information periodically.

This is rather a rough guide - but I think it would be rather simple! if anyone would like to quote me on this please PM me your details (MSN/GTalk).