8gb iphone for sale. I managed to unlock it using ipsf's method (yes, phone is registered in their database) but for some reason it always gives me a no sim error. i've tried to restore the baseband among other things but nothing works.

Note: I attempted to open the phone to do the hardware unlock and accidentally punctured the battery a bit. All I had to do was replace the battery and it holds a charge fine now. There are noticeable marks where I tried to open it, though.

All functions except phone work. Wi-fi, the iPod. I'm not sure whether someone knows of a no sim fix or whether one will be out in the future, but I don't care. I got a new one. The winner will get the phone and a usb cord/wall charger; i've already sold the dock and earbuds to someone else and threw the packaging away a while ago.

For pictures, to inquire more, or to make an offer just PM me. Payment will be through paypal (i'm already an authorized seller there).