New, never been unlocked 8gb iphone for parts/repair.
Screen is still with a film.
Bought on ebay, unsuccessfuly opened a sim tray then tried to unlock with turbosim (pushed too firmly) and now it's impossible to put it back (sim tray won't close anymore). Tried to repair (unsoldered), scratched the antenna and back covers. I've replaced the back cover with and I thought it will solve my problem. Unfortunely then I closed the covers I saw that sim tray still can't close. I won't to dissemble the second time.

Firmware 1.0.2, factory restored, not activated.
Everything is working. Never been unlocked with software.
I will sell it for 200 usd + shipping to any country.
(300 usd with a turbosim)

Check my feedback on Ebay: mindaugas_m_1
I couldn't sell it on ebay because PayPal isn't working with my country (Lihuania, Europe)
Just email me: 100percentiphone @