I have with me 2 iphones 1.1.2 out of the box unlocked to all gsm carriers!!!
this is definetly the best price in the market if you have better offers i will consider them. I'm located in the US.

Phones are unlocked with the i3gsim that i found working and reliable! (made in USA)

If you want them unlocked with the authentic black stealthsim i can sell them for you with 40$ more to each phone.

Price is 560$ with i3gsim or 600$ with black stealthsim

Prices do not include shipping that will be 45$ for one or 55$ for the two of them.

Paypal 4% fee will be charged to. I will ship only to verefied accounts beeter if you have confirmed address.

Please only serious people no scam.

I also have a stock of 24 AUTHENTIC BALCK STEALTH SIM i will sell them in the lowest price on the market 99$.

Shipping will be 35$ international and 20$ in the US. I can sell all of them to you, all the "dealers" sell only 5 per each customer.

I'm a reliable seller, and i'm looking to do business with honest people and certain people, please if you are not sure just don't replay.