I had Mac OS X and Windows XP dual booted very nicely, but then I followed this guide to try to change the "Start" text in XP: Change Text on XP Start Button

Big mistake. I'm still shooting myself over it.

WIndows wouldn't boot, and when I put in the installation disk and did a restore, something weird was happening with IE8.

I decided to reinstall everything (Whether or not this was a bad decision doesn't matter. It is done.) and so I did what I did before - Made two partitions and install Mac OS X on one, then in Gparted I converted my Windows XP partition to NTFS.

However, when I went to install Windows XP the Windows XP setup would not detect my windows XP partition. It didn't see any of my partitions, just one - "Partition 1", the whole supposively unpartitioned drive.

I have tried so many things, and still can not get Windows XP setup to detect my partitions even though it is the same disc I used before.