I want to run Macintosh, on My computer, Safely, From a disc I bought in an illegal store in Jakarta.
I have an external harddrive partioned into two halves, one half is blank I can use. (One half = 55gb)

My Computer is Windows XP, TOSHIBA and I have 11GB spare.

I don't want to risk screwing up my computer because I use my laptop at school and school put all these programs on it and if I mess up and something bad happens (OMG) I will die.

I tried VMWare, but I couldn't figure out how to open from a CD with it.

The CD is 4.29 or something GB which seems about the right size.

At the store I tested the disc, on boot I press F8 and select Mac OSX blahblahblah and fine it starts up, starts installing macintosh to the computer (Mac symbol with a loading line thingy under it) and the store guy said it would take two hours to set up so we didn't wait.

This is unacceptable for he said it will erase everything on my current harddrive on my computer which will make me cry
He said if I plugged in another harddrive I could select to install to that, I started it on my laptop and the option didn't come up (I didn't give it much time because I was scared O.O).

I've been looking on the internet for eeeevvveer and if nothing helps me or shows up, I might end up, bringing the disc back to the store and using the computers at the store to install it to a new hard drive and just dual boot it. (hehehe, safer than using my computer)

The box says on the cover:

(Big X with neutrons orbiting around it)

and on the back just says:
MAC OS X Leapard

So I need a tutorial, or some help or something please please please please


If anyone can make this work, I will love you forever.

The Files inside the CD (CD called iPC 10.5.6 Mac O):
.vol (Folder)
Applications (H) (Folder)
bin (H) (Folder)
dev (H) (Folder)
DVD or CD Sharing Setup.mpkg (Folder) (Folder)
Install Mac OS X.app (Folder) (Folder)
Library (H) (Folder)
private (H) (Folder)
sbin (H) (Folder)
System (H) (Folder)
usr (H) (Folder)
Volumes (H) (Folder)
.VolumeIcon.icns (File)
etc (File with no extension)(H)
filler.dmg (File)
mach_kernal (File with no extension)
tmp (H) (File with no extension)
var (H)