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Discuss Triple boot (or maybe 5-boot) OSX + Windows + Ubuntu ... on an intel GFX netbook ? at the Dual Booting -; Hi all, first-time poster here. I'm looking into triple-booting my Packard Bell DOT ZG5 netbook. ...
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    Default Triple boot (or maybe 5-boot) OSX + Windows + Ubuntu ... on an intel GFX netbook ?

    Hi all, first-time poster here.

    I'm looking into triple-booting my Packard Bell DOT ZG5 netbook. According to PB it can only work with XP, or at least that's what they told me when I asked for Vista drivers for it. So far I managed to get it running perfectly in both Vista and Ubuntu 10.04 and even got both of them working in perfect harmony.
    I guess it's time to up the ante and put OSX on it as well, maybe even with XP and Win7 added for good measure. The motto is : It ain't done 'till it's overdone.

    My main concern is whether or not the hardware is OSX-compatible. I looked at some tutorials and Googled a bit on it, but I can't seem to get a definite answer. All seems well apart from the graphics department.

    My main questions :

    1 ) is it possible to get OSX to run properly on this netbook's graphics chipset and with the limited resolution? It appears there are drivers for it, but will OSX install properly without them? Or do I add them during the installation?
    2 ) Which version would be most suitable? I don't care about having the latest and greatest, so I don't mind using Leopard or Snow Leopard if it's less of a hassle.
    3 ) Would it be better to install OSX between the Windows install(s) and the Ubuntu install? Or maybe after all the others are done?
    4 ) Which bootloader to use for all that? I'm now using GRUB2 for my simple dual boot and am pretty satisfied with that despite the basic looks.

    Specs :

    MoBo : Packard Bell LU.B040B.037
    Chipset : Intel i945GSE revision 03
    CPU : Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz single-core with hyperthreading). Instructions : MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 and SSSE3
    Memory : 1524MB DDR2 533MHz (4-4-4-12)
    GFX : Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset. (i945GME)
    Display : 1024x600 32bpp 60Hz
    LAN : Realtek PCIe FE family controller
    WLAN : Atheros AR5007EG wireless network adapter
    HDD : Currently a Western digital Caviar green 250GB. Considering swapping it out for a 500GB if I'd go for a 5-boot.


    EDIT : Ok, seems like I posted a bit too soon. According to the info elsewhere in this forum I'm thinking I should go for OSX first, then XP, then Vista, then Win7 and finally Ubuntu.
    However I'm still not sure how to handle the partitions and my questions regarding the graphics still stand.

    Do Ubuntu or the windows installer recognize the OSX partition? If so, I'd be inclined to go for just the OSX partition at first (leaving the rest of the HDD unallocated), then create 3 NTFS partitions for the Windows installs, then the EXT4 for Ubuntu.
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    if you use separate HDDs and use your BIOS to select HDD to boot from it is easy .

    an old video I made

    Snow Leopard 10.6 - Leopard 10.5.8 - Windows XP - Seven - Vista in the same PC - Penta Boot - YouTube



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