i am not sure if i posted in the right section, but feel free to move this to the appropriate section if am not..

Ok, so i am considering to install osx on my Asus k40ab, i havent looked for the steps yet, but i want to know if the osx itself is runnable on my laptop?
here is the spec:AMD Turion X2 64 Dual-Core Processor QL-64 2.1 GHz, Ram 2 GB DDR2, ATI Radeon HD4570

what i am mostly concerned about is the hardware compatibility (drivers and stuff) and the performance... i am planning to use it only to develop iOS application, but i would need at least the network and sound to work...

and also, right now i have windows 7 and ubuntu installed on my laptop, its not a problem to reinstall them, but is there any problem if i wanted to tri-boot them?
what is the correct order to install them, and what is the file-system that can be accessed from three of them?