I just set up a Mac for dual booting with Bootcamp and everything has worked fine. One minor annoyance is that I need to hold down the option key in order to see the startup disk selection screen at boot. I would like to see this screen every time I boot. I saw that there are third party software downloads to fix this, but it seems there should be a simple way to set this up using the Mac EFI. Is there?

A second question, from a person (me) who just 48 hours ago discovered what EFI is, Where is the EFI? I know it is not a BIOS chip but it must be on a flash chip physically located on the motherboard somewhere because it's not on the HDD. I have found a lot of information about EFI and UEFI and the Mac EFI, but nothing tells me just where the code for the EFI is stored.