I created a tri-boot system and, following instructions from some of the posts, I made my partitions and installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9 first and then Leopard 10.5.7 last.

I'm using Chameleon 2 to boot up and, upon starting up, I see 4 icons: 2 Windows (System Reserved and Windows 7), Leopard and Linux. I can boot into Leopard and Ubuntu but w7 gives me an error (0xc000000e, "The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible").

I searched the forums and saw many postings about this problem but almost all say to use the Windows startup disk and, after choosing the language, selecting the "Repair your computer" option.

The instructions pretty much stop at that point so I assumed it should be obvious but, when I choose Repair, I get 2 options I can't use:
  1. "Recovery Tools" which requires that I select an operating system to repair but which lists no operating systems for me to select, and
  2. "Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier" but I don't have any system images.

I've tried the other buttons (like "Load Drivers" but I have no drivers to load) and I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Can anyone tell me what I should be doing in order to get w7 to boot up again?