So I used to have 7 and Leopard on a single harddrive and was able to boot easily using EasyBCD.

However, since my laptop has a extra harddrive slot, I decided to install snow leopard on one and keep 7 by itself on the other. The installation worked fine and both OS's work great, the only problem is getting it to boot correctly.

Right now, I have the Snow Leopard HDD are the primary drive and boot using that. However, for some weird reason, the computer won't boot it by itself. I have to hit F12 every time the computer starts and go to the boot menu and manually select harddrive.

When I let it boot by itself, it does one of three things. Most of the time, the computer just restarts before it gets to the menu. Other times, it shows a wacky, torn, completely messed up, and 99% unreadable menu. And on occasion, it doesn't even recognize the harddrive.

I tried using EasyBCD with the 7 harddrive as primary, but that is no good. I guess EasyBCD doesn't support dual harddrives very well.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

My Computer:

Alienware M17X
2.4 Dual Core Intel
GTX 260m
250 HD (windows 7)
300 HD (Snow Leopard)
4 Gigs Ram