Hello, I'm spanish and i use the google traductor. <)
I want to install leopard on a laptop Toshiba Satellite L500. Windows 7 64 Bits is installed and is partitioned into 2, 1 2 data system and want to install mac on a third partition. I have burned iAtkos v7, I've been testing in VMware but all tests have been unsuccessful. I have a dual-boot with Windows startup and you can edit and easy. In the virtual machine I installed windows mac os 7 and then without any bootloader, then I repaired windows 7 start with diskpart, marking the partition as active. Well I have been booting Windows 7 and when I add a Mac entry in EasyBCD, restart entered chameleon mac goes, I hope to load and no load, in chameleon f8 and nothing came in with Windows 7 if it boots .... I have say that the test is thrown into another pc. It has 1GB of RAM and an AMD processor. Mark Voodo customize the kernel. We applied 768 MB of RAM, the maximum.
If I install the chameleon v2 and then replace the windows?
I need urgent help! I have behind this project more than 2 months
Also I would also like to install mac os in vmware pc (this with xp)
I need 2 tutorials, the first and most important Windows 7 and the second windows xp that I also like to have in the desktop PC.
The two processors support the instructions SS2 and SS3.
Portable Features:
Intel Pentium Processor T4500 2.30GHz x2
Desktop PC Features:
1GB of RAM
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 + 2.51GHz
A greeting and thanks.