I successfully dual boot b/w OSX & Vista on separate HDDs.

NOW, I am embarking on an attempt to TRIPLE boot, adding Windows 7 to the mix, on a 3rd HDD.

I was able to install windows 7 fine on another HDD (under AHCI controller mode). So now ALL my 3 OSs are installed under AHCI mode. My bios is set to AHCI SATA controller mode and booting into OSX HDD to utilize chameleon bootloader. My chameleon bootloader recognizes all 3 OSs. I have no problem when i select to load pc into either OSX or Vista but the problem is whenever I select windows 7, my pc boots into Windows vista.

I tried to install easybcd in both windows vista or 7, it doesn't work either. I don't think easybcd works under AHCI mode for the SATA controller because i don't recall seeing a dual boot option when I tried to boot into vista, since i mentioned earlier that i couldn't even load into windows 7 from chameleon bootloader. in order to boot into windows 7, i had to set my boot drive to windows 7 HDD. Even after doing that, windows 7 doesn't give me a dual boot b/w vista n 7 as set from easybcd. so i figure easybcd probably isn't compatible with AHCI.

what can i do?

thank you!!!